A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

Greetings from Wave Hill’s Executive Director

dsc_0134-1Welcome to the Wave Hill blog. I have invited all my colleagues at Wave Hill to use this channel as a way to share thoughts and images of Wave Hill – of the gardens, of course, and the cultural and educational programs that help our visitors connect with the world of nature. Thanks to our incredible staff, this is really their insider’s story of Wave Hill, one that will enhance your visits to this garden jewel in so many ways.


In 2009, Wave Hill celebrates the Year of the Trees, honoring and drawing strength from our magnificent collection of copper beech, black cherry, American elm, Sugar Maple, sumac, English oak, dogwood, hornbeam, redwood and magnolia. Shifting more of our energy to communicating online, and encouraging you to share your experiences of Wave Hill, feels especially appropriate during this year of celebration.


The Wave Hill neighborhood of the Bronx has been my family’s home for many years. One Wave Hill memory, in particular, stands out from our early years here. I came one evening with the older of my two girls, who was then very little. Turning to look for her at one point, I caught sight of her bending and turning as she moved to the dance that we had come to see, exploring her own world in a totally free way. It was a moment that was very moving. It’s such a gift to have a place that is so welcoming to the human spirit. And finding it nestled on the edge of one of the world’s great cities, along one of our most majestic rivers, well, it surprises over and over again.


When I joined Wave Hill as Executive Director almost a year ago, I knew that I would want to explore ways to speak to the environmentally aware, and make Wave Hill matter more, not just as a place for individuals to have rich and unique experiences, but as a community that shares some of the same values. I invite you to use this blog as a place for this kind of sharing, in between your visits to the gardens.


As many of you are surely aware, our gardens and other living museums are imperiled by proposed budgets cuts at the state and federal level. So I am deeply grateful to the many individuals who reached out this winter to New York State’s legislature to request that funding for the Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Aquariums Grant Program be restored for this year. I am delighted to be able to announce that our combined efforts have been successful and ZBGA funding is restored for 2009. While the battle for our future fiscal security is not over, this victory is a tremendous one. Among our many vocal supporters, I want to express my special thanks to our elected officials, particularly New York City Council Member Oliver Koppell and New York State Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.


In the last week or so, snowdrops and crocuses have popped up in our gardens, promising that spring is only moments away! I look forward to seeing you here often as we celebrate this season of renewal.


Claudia Bonn,

Executive Director & President

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