A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

Bridals for the Fair

I truly believe Wave Hill has magic on top of being such a beautiful place. What I try to create for weddings at Wave Hill is a sense of comfort and ease to match the surroundings and venue. Top that with the delicious food from Great Performances, and it is a winning formula for enchantment and a day to remember forever! I really try to anticipate everything needed within each couples vision. But the only way to appreciate what Wave Hill has to offer is to visit. That’s why I’ve planned a private Wave Hill Bridal Fair for Saturday afternoon, April 4, from 12:30 to 2:30PM. I’ll be on hand to answer questions, and share my love for this special place. If you’d like to join us, please RSVP to porfi@greatperformances.com.

Porfirio Figueroa is Private Event Planner for Great Performances, Wave Hill’s exclusive caterer. The gardens have been the captivating setting for many weddings. Part of what makes these celebrations so special is the personal attention couples receive from Porfi, who works tirelessly to ensure that every wish is fulfilled.

A Wave Hill bride and groom are reunited with Porfi

A Wave Hill bride and groom are reunited with Porfi

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