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Children’s hearts shine at Wave Hill and unsolicited gratitude inspires…

Courtney White is Wave Hill’s Director of Education & Public Programs

As lunch was wrapping up in my office on May 21, I had a surprise request from the Wave Hill Receptionist asking that I bring Mary Hynes, our Education Department Office Manager, downstairs for a moment. To our great surprise, there was a group who had just finished a self-guided exploration of Wave Hill waiting for us in Armor Hall. Michael Shanley, Operations Director of the Program of Academic Exchange, had organized a visit by a well-behaved group of 45 fourth-graders from PS 175 (City Island). Two children had prepared a formal presentation requesting that we “keep making Wave Hill beautiful.” Afterward, Mary was presented with an envelope overflowing with a surprise donation of $98 for Wave Hill, collected by the children.  

It was amazing−only one student had ever been to Wave Hill before, and they had all clearly enjoyed their visit. In advance, the students did collaborative history research projects related to the people who resided or visited here, such as Toscanini, Twain, and Roosevelt. At various points on the property, the students presented the information that they learned.

Mr. Shanley has been booking self-guided visits (free of charge) for PS 175 through Mary, for the last several years. When I asked Mary about the school, she told me about she’s booked reservations for this group: Bussing has often been difficult, and she’d do her best to find visiting dates that met their needs.

I’m proud to share that as a result of this donation, several Wave Hill staff members have since matched the school’s gift of $98, in honor of these children’s gratitude and their connection to Wave Hill. Without doubt, these gifts will be put to use in the most meaningful ways.

With gratitude to everyone who collectively cares for Wave Hill and connecting to nature!

2 thoughts on “Children’s hearts shine at Wave Hill and unsolicited gratitude inspires…

  1. Recently moved to CO after living in Vermont for 30+ yrs. I am an avid
    gardener. Next time I am in the East, I am going to have to visit this garden. I enjoyed this article. I love seeing children become involved
    and interested in gardening. It is soothing for the soul – both for young and
    old alike! Thanks for sharing.

    • Dear slgreatsuccess,
      So pleased that you found Wave Hill online and are delighted by your comments. We look forward to your visit to New York City at some point. Wave Hill is an easy 20 minutes from Grand Central Station. Be sure to wear garden clothes and sneakers, so you can roll down our hill by the most beautiful Conifer Collection. This is what the young and experienced “young at heart” treasure, alongside exploring the garden!

      All the best to you,


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