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Lotus maculatus ‘Gold Flash’

Marilyn Young is the Horticulture Assistant at Wave Hill.

We love Lotus, even when it is not blooming. A Canary Island native, this tender perennial in a classic terracotta urn has trailing stems of delicate, silvery blue leaflets. When it blooms, as it is now, Wave Hill gardener Nancy Talley tells me visitors stop in their tracks. Nancy’s bailiwick, by the way, includes the Palm House in the Marco Polo Stufano Conservatory, the Conifer Slope below Wave Hill House and the plantings around Glyndor House and Wave Hill House.


The flame-colored, sweet pea-shaped flowers set this calm and elegant container ablaze like a plant on fire. Right now it can be seen just inside the doorway to the Palm House. Later it may be moved out to the Flower Garden, or perhaps on the platform behind the Potting Shed. These wonderful portraits were taken by Wave Hill Gardener Susannah Strazzera.


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