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Allow yourself a moment to wander in wonderment!

This post was contributed by Armina Del Toro, Wave Hill’s School Programs Educator.

They say that “all who wander aren’t lost.” In fact, at Wave Hill’s education department, we encourage wandering by finding innovative ways to work it into our curriculum. With wandering comes wonderment, and with wonderment comes an understanding of how all things are woven into the pattern of life. All the greatest inventions and movements have been sparked by an observation or experience. We give students the opportunity to have these moments because who knows where children’s experiences will lead them in their lives.

Wandering in Wonderment.doc

If you can find time to wander in wonderment, whether in life situations or because  of classroom requirements, you are guaranteed to make clear decisions and create unforgettable, knowledge-filled connections with anything that may confront you. So go ahead…..we suggest you GET LOST and TAKE A HIKE (no pun intended), because perhaps you or your child could be the next Einstein, Mozart, da Vinci or Mark Twain of our century!

4 thoughts on “Allow yourself a moment to wander in wonderment!

  1. Anytime we encourage freedom, growth, learning, free spirit and open environment we open up the world of possibilities not only to those with access to such surrounding, but to generations to come as they will benefit from any discovery throughout such evolution.

  2. Imagine if all curriculums allowed time to wander…experiential education creates such a sense of excitement and wonder (!) about the world, and helps all of us figure out our place within it. Thanks for the beautiful thoughts, Ms. Del Toro.

    • Thank you for your lovely responses to the Wandering in Wonderment blog. I believe that strong multi-faceted curricula can go beyond classroom instruction, heightening a students’ ability to become critics of their own world, the decisions they make and the future that they will embrace. I encourage you all to continue sharing your thoughts.

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