A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

Staycationing at Wave Hill: Living Green Radio

Courtney White is Director of Education & Public Programs at Wave Hill.

What a treat to talk with Dave Egbert of Living Green Radio about how Wave Hill is the perfect staycation destination for New Yorkers and other locals from the tri-state area! Listen to the mid-August broadcast to learn more.


When you visit, be sure to walk down to Laura Anderson Barbata’s experiential installation of red hammocks in Wave Hill’s south woods, Our History is Not Found in a Book, which is part of the exhibition The Muhheakantuck in Focus. I sank into a hammock with a busy mind reflecting on this rich, conceptual work and of that in the gallery and other places throughout the grounds. But my mind soon wandered to my “what’s next”, “to do” or “honey do” lists, and then they, too, soon faded into a faint memory. The transformation had begun. My perspective was completely shifted to the understory of the cluster of white pines, hemlock and other native trees. I saw a spider web glistening in the distance. The sounds transitioned from the far-off laughter of children to the more immediate echoing of the annual cicada and the nearby buzz of honeybees. The wind gently rocked me as if I were a child in a cradle.  My body completely relaxed, and indeed I didn’t want this staycation to end.

Hope you’ll visit and stay awhile too!

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