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Sunroom Artist Audrey Hasen Russell and Curator Leigh Ross “Thinkin’ on” Russell’s Project

Audrey Hasen Russell’s Sunroom Project Slant Branch Souvenir (Thinkin’ on You) is up through September 13, 2009. She and Sunroom Space Curator Leigh Ross—Assistant Curator at Wave Hill’s Glyndor Gallery—muse on the collaboration of artist and curator. Meet them both in the gallery at 1PM on Sunday, September 13.

The Artist says:

Audrey during installation in the Sunroom

Audrey during installation in the Sunroom

Post installation and opening of my exhibition at Wave Hill in the Sunroom, I am finally able to step back and look at the scene I created. Getting ready for the show was quite a process as I was working in a new manner formally and within a specific setting. However, I think that teetering on my personal brink of ‘the unknown’ (conceptually speaking) seems to always push me forward in my body of work and state of mind. The work came out quite peaceful and reflective and a touch humorous to me. I am still drawing connections between what I had absorbed from the sunroom site, my thoughts on landscape and home, the objects I made in my small Bushwick studio, and how they are interacting now. Surprising, reassuring and unexpected (and some expected, thank goodness).

The Curator says:

Leigh, far left, and Audrey, second from right, at the opening for her installation

Leigh, far left, and Audrey, second from right, at the opening for her installation

Audrey’s piece responds to the room so thoughtfully, and so uniquely- it’s such a pleasure to have it in the gallery.  The work has a strong emotional resonance that I think viewers really respond to. She’s also just been such a delight to work with. It’s very interesting to see how the Sunroom artists develop their projects in the time between their selection (in this case, August of 2008) and their exhibition. I hope Audrey will touch on this in her Artist Talk. That’s on Sunday, September 13 at 1pm in the Sunroom, free with admission. It’s the last day of the show as well, so I encourage you to come!

The last of the five artists in this year’s Sunroom Project Series is Mauro Zamora, whose installation opens September 19.

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