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Anticipating A New Workshop Exhibition!

Leigh Ross, Assistant Curator at Wave Hill’s Glyndor Gallery, provided this posting.

Last winter, our Visual Arts and Education Departments collaborated to present Wave Hill’s first-ever public-program participants’ exhibition, Naturally Inspired. Displayed in Wave Hill House, it featured a truly exceptional selection of paintings, works on paper, photography and Family Art Project creations. I thought the show was a great success. I was fascinated to see the unique and intimate view of Wave Hill evident in each piece, and impressed to see how, cumulatively, they spoke to the richness of Wave Hill’s landscape and the variety of techniques taught in our workshops. Carol Mangis, one of the artist’s featured in Naturally Inspired, had this to say about her experience:  “The photography workshop I took two winters ago with Benjamin Swett was truly helpful to me, as an amateur shooter, and I was really happy with some of the photos that resulted. So when Wave Hill called for submissions for the workshop show last year, I was thrilled; even more so when they accepted one of my pictures for the show. Wave Hill means a lot to me. It was an honor to have my photo displayed at one of my favorite places in the world, and an inspiration to view the work of other participants. ”

Carol Mangis' photograph from last year's exhibition of work created in Wave Hill workshops

Carol Mangis' photograph from last year's exhibition. Submissions for this year's exhibition are due October 8.

This year we plan to reprise the public-program participants’ exhibition with Illuminating Nature, scheduled to be up November 27, 2009–February 28, 2010. Paula Morvay, Wave Hill’s Nature and Art Programs Manager, has set a deadline of Thursday, October 8, 2009, for the Call for Submissions. This is intended only for current and previous participants of Wave Hill art workshops and the Artists’ Circle Program and for artwork not previously exhibited at Wave Hill. For basic questions, please contact me, Leigh Ross, at 718.549.3200 x397, or leighr@wavehill.org.

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