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Forest Project XXXII Launches Tomorrow!

Forest Project Program Coordinator Greg Haber, himself a former crew leader, reports on preparations for the inauguration of the 32nd season of Forest Project Summer Collaborative June 28. 

Greg at the interns’ meeting space, ready for their arrival

Parents’ Night was yesterday, about as official a starting point as you can get for Forest Project.  Many of the this summer’s interns showed up with their parents, giving a great little glimpse into what the summer holds.  Each of the crew leaders introduced themselves and their sites, got to exchange a few words with the interns and their parents, and the returning interns and crew leaders were able to do some catching up before the summer goes into full swing.  All in all, the night went extremely smoothly, and definitely showcased to the parents what a great program Forest Project has been and will undoubtedly be this summer.

So now all the interns have their last day off for six and a half weeks, while the manager, crew leaders and coordinators put the finishing touches on everything to prepare for the interns’ orientation over the next two days.  At this point, though, the preparation is mostly mental; nearly everything is in place and planned out.  The only thing left to do is kick-start the project with a great intern orientation.

One thought on “Forest Project XXXII Launches Tomorrow!

  1. We at CUNY, and at Lehman particularly, are excited to be hosting the Forest Project interns for summer courses again this year.
    I look forward to introducing another group of interns to the field of Geographic Information Science starting next week!
    – Dr. Holly Porter-Morgan, CUNY Assistant Professor and Forest Project GISc Instructor

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