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This Week in the Gardens: A Makeover for the Monocot Garden (Jul 2)

Assistant Director of Public Programs Laurel Rimmer describes new developments in this charming space adjacent to the Aquatic Garden.

Wave Hill Gardener Harnek Singh decided to mix things up in the Monocot Garden this season.

Laying out the design, late May

Along with the perennial grasses, daylilies and irises that populate the garden year round, a number of potted succulents have been released from the Cactus and Succulent House to vacation with their monocot relations for the summer.

Pots waiting to be transplanted

Another candidate waits to be transplanted

Gardener Harnek Singh in action

Assistant Director of Horticulture Brian McGowan contributed a surprise sculptural element with an enormous woven ball of vines studded with bromeliads—monocots, of course! Most of the vines for the sculpture came from grape (Vitis cultivars) and trumpet creeper (Campsis cultivars) growing on the adjacent pergolas.

The next two shots show the the structural element back in March when Brian was weaving it, and how it looks today.


Each bromeliad was wrapped in burlap and tucked in between the woven vines.

A month later, the plants are filling in.

Yellow Bulbine frutescens

Stipa tenuissima and Agave americana ‘Medio-picta’

One ginormous lily (almost seven feet tall), species unknown

If you long for large-leaved tropicals you’ve enjoyed here in years past, you won’t need to look far—cannas and elephant ears (Colocasia species) are popping up in beds and containers around Wave Hill.


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