A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

“Los Tremendos” Action Figures

Forest Project Summer Collaborative interns Lidia and Jean, part of the crew working in the northwestern edge of the Herbert & Hyonja Abrons Woodland at Wave Hill, report on week three of the internship.

Buenos Dias! Lidia and Jean here, two members of the magnificent crew “Los 3men2”, who work in Site #4, which includes the Woodland Gazebo. That’s where we are standing in this photo, taken on the first wet day of the season. Thanks to our stylish rain gear, it was a productive day.

(Lidia is on the far left, and Jean second from right, by the way.) The other members of our crew are Anna, Erika, Paurt and Johnny. The team is guided by super-extra-mega crew leader Sara Mendes. Our work site is located in the northwest area of the Wave Hill woodlands. During the first Forest Project week at our site, we handled the Garlic Mustard dilemma. And got it covered! Once this was done, we moved on to the terrible issue of Porcelain Berry—one of the invasive vines most difficult to remove. These activities help our teammates know each other and build team skills. Finally, during our third week, last week, we started trail work and erosion control.  This was done with the help of Marty Woess, an erosion control expert as well as forester and animal rescuer for the Prospect Park Alliance in Brooklyn. He presented his work to the whole Forest Project family with the intention of educating and inspiring our projects.

After just three weeks, we already see a difference in the forest, which means our work is done (almost). The benefit in the Woodlands is not just to its nature and ecology, but also to every intern in this project, including the entire Forest Project family. We have other activities outside of field work, including Education, Public Programs and Storytelling in the Garden. The GIS students participate in these side projects. In Education, four interns have the privilege of learning, interacting and building teaching skills with Wave Hill Environmental Educator Corinne Flax. Public Program interns help organize Wave Hill interactions with the public, such as label making. Lastly, Storytelling in the Garden interns aid in the entertainment of the children who visit Wave Hill.

All these activities bring together what is Forest Project and how we, along with 23 other interns, spend the summer. We look forward to the end of the summer when we can see the connection of nature and human in Wave Hill that we helped create.

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