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This Week in the Gardens: August Arrives—Scenes from Around the Garden (Aug 4)

Laurel Rimmer, Assistant Director of Wave Hill’s Public Programs, offers a sampling of plants that are thriving in the dog days of summer.

Earlier in the season we visited the newly-planted Monocot Garden. Most plants in the Monocot Garden love the heat and humidity, including the bromeliad blooming on the great ball of vines, shown in this first shot.

The pair of shots below shows off a ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) in full bloom on the left, and an impressive patch of Formosa lily (Lilium formosanum) beginning to bloom along the Monocot Garden terrace. This late-blooming species lily can flower the first year from seed sown indoors in late winter and shoot to six feet tall by late summer.

Don’t miss the Silver Bed along the west wall of the Tropical House, shown here on the left; on the right is a close-up of Tibouchina heteromalla, just as luscious in bud as it is in bloom.

The silver theme continues around the corner into the Flower Garden with this lusty silver sage, Salvia argentea.

In a shady corner of the Flower Garden, bold Symphytum x uplandicum ‘Axminster Gold’ is an impressive feature in the gold bed, shown below on the left. This is by far the best variegated cultivar of comfrey, but unfortunately is not readily available in nurseries.

Finally, on the right, is this a shot of the Flower Garden or the Wild Garden? Bulbs, perennials and annuals mingle in a wilder planting in the Flower Garden. Featured here are Verbena bonariensis, Gladiolus ‘Boone’, Salvia greggii and Atriplex hortensis var. rubra.



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