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This Week in the Gardens: Celebrating Self-Sowers (Aug 31)

Laurel Rimmer, Assistant Director of Wave Hill’s Public Programs, introduces some late-summer self-sowers.

We love those self-sowing plants that pop up serendipitously around the garden, even though it requires a bit of maintenance to manage them properly.  Mulch too heavily early in the season and you’ll prevent the seedlings from popping up; leave too many seedlings and you’ll curse yourself for allowing a desirable plant to become a garden thug.  Here are some favorite self-sowers spotted in the garden this week.

Like many of the gems featured this week, this pair of Amaranthus are found in the Flower Garden.

Meet Nicotiana langsdorfii and Nicotiana sylvestris, the latter commonly known as woodland tobacco.

Here I’ve paired shots of Perilla frutescens (an annual) and Calamintha with, on the right, Atriplex hortensis var. rubra, commonly known as red orach.

Morning Glory ( a Convolvulus cultivar) makes for a striking contract with, on the right,  Verbena bonariensis (tall verbena) and Salvia greggii.

Leucojum autumnale is a charming little self-sowing bulb found in the Alpine House. Here I have paired it with Impatiens balfouri.

Look for these two—snow-on-the-mountain and fire-on-the-mountain— in the Wild Garden: Euphorbia marginata, and, on the right, Euphorbia cyathophora

Self-sowers may produce copious amounts of seed. These tiny specimens are from Nicotiana sylvestris.



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