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This Week in the Gardens: Goodbye, Summer; Hello, Fall (Sep 28)

Laurel Rimmer, Assistant Director of Wave Hill’s Public Programs, points to seasonal changes in the gardens.

Summer keeps hanging on in most of the garden, but fall is making its first appearance with fruits and berries, fall-blooming bulbs and the first few colorful autumn leaves. Who needs chrysanthemums when there is still so much color in the garden?

Pictured on the left, our fall plant sale in front of the Perkins Visitor Center, with Leucoseptrum japonicum ‘Golden Angel’ and Aster ‘Wood’s Light Blue’ in the foreground. On the right, lime green Nicotiana and Verbena bonariensis in front of the Herb Garden.

Also in front of the Herb Garden: ‘Rubine’ Brussels sprouts and Angelonia, on the left, and, on the right, climbing Malabar Spinach (Basella alba ‘Rura’) in the Herb Garden.

On the left, a robust rosemary leads from the Herb Garden up to the Dry Garden. On the right, variegated tapioca (Manihot esculenta ‘Variegata’).

The Alpine Terrace

Rhodophiala bifida, and a hardy Cyclamen species

Water platter (Victoria hybrid)

The Wild Garden with Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Firetail’ and Hemerocallis ‘Autumn Prince’

Also in the Wild Garden: Salvia involucrata ‘Bethellii’ and hardy begonia (Begonia grandis). 

‘Tis the season for Colchicums and autumn crocus!

Fruit of Malus floribunda in the Wild Garden and delicate Bessera elegans, a dainty, late-blooming bulb from Mexico, in the Monocot Garden




4 thoughts on “This Week in the Gardens: Goodbye, Summer; Hello, Fall (Sep 28)

  1. Love this blog- never checked your website before. Glad I was planning a trip for NARGS LI Chapter next spring and happened on it. Maybe I’ll come visit soon.

  2. bellisimo!!!!

  3. I wish to blog a post about my recent visit to Wave Hill with photos of the
    aquatic pond. However, I cannot find any information about the type of fish
    that are in it. I photographed a large looking goldfish but cannot identify its
    species. There is nothing in your voluminous information about Wave Hill’s
    beautiful pond. Who designed it, etc. Please email information as soon as possible because I would like to post something for this Sunday’s Shadow Shot Sunday. Thank you. MG

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