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Before and After Hurricane Sandy, Part 1 (Nov 5)

Laurel Rimmer, Assistant Director of Wave Hill’s Public Programs, checks on the state of the gardens post-Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy descended upon Wave Hill and swept the autumn away, along with our electricity and a few damaged trees. Miraculously we escaped with remarkably little damage compared to other parts of the tri-state area. Here are a few photos from before the storm that we didn’t get a chance to post, and some images from after the storm. More to follow later in the week . . .

The calm before the storm—in the Flower Garden.

Salvia ‘El Cielo Blue’ on the left and Gomphocarpus physocarpus (balloon plant) on the right.

A shining pair: In the center, Nyssa sylvatica, with Cercidiphyllum japonicum on the right.

On the left, looking along the Herb Garden Wall, Euphorbia ‘Portuguese Velvet’ and Parthenocissus tricuspidata, while Carpinus caroliniana (Ameican hornbeam) was a bright spot in the Abrons Woodland.    

On the left, a shot of the Pergola, with storm-damaged plants cleared out for the winter. This makes a striking contrast with the same spot back in July. On the right, imagine the sound of a chainsaw removing a damaged limb from our old sugar maple…Wave Hill sustained little damage during the Hurricane, and staff worked hard to quickly clear away any hanging or fallen limbs.

A Victoria hybrid (water platter), a feature of the Aquatic Garden all summer and fall, battered by Hurricane Sandy’s winds.

The Wild Garden, its palette now more muted.

3 thoughts on “Before and After Hurricane Sandy, Part 1 (Nov 5)

  1. The reason you fared so well is that your trees and plants are pruned meticulously. Others should do as well. I saw trees by the score, particularly Silver Maples, laid to waste all over the city. Meanwhile, the “Plant a million trees” proceeds apace, yet the ones we have are not being cared for or preserved properly. If we won’t care for them, perhaps we should “plant a million shrubs” at least they won’t kill anyone.

  2. Wave Hill garden of my heart always.
    Huge pity I can’t get there to re-throb, even (since June) living as close as Pittsburgh PA. I do hope to reconnect, soon as I find a place to call home.
    best always

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