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This Week in the Gardens: Spring Preening (Apr 8)

Laurel Rimmer, Assistant Director of Public Programs, shares evidence of the new season arriving at Wave Hill.

It’s the first week of April and spring is finally settling over Wave after a cold and blustery March. The gardeners are busy pruning, mulching, planting and generally sprucing up the grounds, happy to be out in the garden putting their seasonal plans into motion.

This week, the gardeners also welcomed our new Nally Interns. Here, gardener Syretha Brooks and intern Guilherme Goncalves are mulching the beds in front of Glyndor Gallery.

Gardener Will Wallace working in the Flower Garden. The blue flower is Chionodoxa sardensis, or glory-of-the-snow, which blankets Wave Hill every April.

At right, Director of Horticulture Scott Canning is out in the garden, pruning shrubs at the Perkins Visitor Center.

Some big jobs require big equipment. Arborists from Almstead Tree and Shrub Care pruned the large evergreens in front of Glyndor Gallery this week.

Above, gardener Susannah Strazzera sowing seeds in the Potting Shed. Once germinated, the seedlings are transplanted into flats, and spend some time beefing up in the “Three House”, one of our behind-the-scenes growing areas, pictured below.

An unwelcome guest in the Three House—this sneaky mockingbird has a penchant for flinging fragile seedlings from their pots.

Who’s this on the Great Lawn?

Turns out this pesky critter was a fleeting April Fool’s “installation” by one of our cheeky gardeners!


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