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Magnolias Provide Showy Inspiration in The Shop

Artist, floral designer and independent creative consultant on art, social justice and media projects, Jenah Barry is Retail Manager of The Shop at Wave Hill.  She has a Master’s degree in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s College.

Wonderfully suited to the glorious magnolia blossoms in the gardens now, The Shop is offering a new collection  of beautifully packaged magnolia-scented bath and body products—and home décor with a magnolia theme—by Michel Design Works. These include luxurious bubble bath, soaps, lotions, guest towels, soy wax candles and pretty boxes of matches. All beauty products include moisturizing shea butter, jojoba oils and extracts from nature. Think green tea, lavender essential oils, seaweed extracts.

Keep them in mind for Mother’s Day May 12, but don’t wait to make your selection.  You know she deserves something perfectly practical and charming for pampering after the long winter season.

The magnolia pictured above offers glorious pops of color up beyond the Perkins Visitor Center—also, of course, the home of The Shop. With Arbor Week starting this weekend, April 20, I plan to make time for a walk through the flowering gardens myself.

4 thoughts on “Magnolias Provide Showy Inspiration in The Shop

    • Maureen, we do not offer sales online. I can assure t hat coming here to make your purchases, any time of the year, will be a pleasure!

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