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Up Pops Spring in the Family Art Project! (Mar 23, 24)

Isabel Figueroa, Assistant Leader of the Family Art Project, joined Wave Hill in November 2012, after completing a BFA in photography at St. John’s University and graduated from the General Studies Certificate program at the International Center of Photography. During this particular project, Isabel helped lead as well as document the event with photos, a few of which she shares here.

Visiting Artist Moses Ros, a Bronx-based visual artist working in painting, mural, printmaking, sculpture and video, joined us in welcoming the new season with Up Pops Spring, a project inspired by his current printmaking. He creates stamps by making wood carvings, and then uses block-printing ink and an ink roller to ink the stamp and create a printed image on recycled materials, such as cereal or pizza boxes. He prints on the decorated side of the box, then cuts out the image and re-positions it on another area of the recycled material to create layers. He also uses the prints to create mobiles with fishing wire and straws for his structure.

Family Art Project families were able to create their own nature-inspired designs, with a little tweaking: instead of wood blocks we used recycled styrofoam trays, and instead of wood-block carving tools we used pencils to carve into the styrofoam trays. For the mobiles, we used string and twigs to replace plastic straws and wire. (Thanks to all the wonderful families who visit regularly and to our own staff, we had a collection of recycled boxes with all kinds of designs the families could choose from.)



One family sat together, but each seemed focused on his or her own design. But in the end they combined their efforts to create one great family mobile they planned to hang in their yard at home.

A father/daughter duo created a 3-dimensional castle from the recycled boxes, decorated with prints and styrofoam reliefs. The project started with heart-shape prints on a heart-shaped box; as they worked, they took inspiration from Moses’ materials and examples and spread their creative wings. There were nature prints in shapes of flowers, hand prints and creatures of all sorts, even a dinosaur!

Families were inspired to work together and really collaborate on their creations in this project—even small siblings like this industrious duo!

Up Pops Spring with Moses Ros was a great way to welcome the season!

Moses’ work has been exhibited at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Hostos Center of the Arts, El Museo del Barrio, Yeshiva University Museum, Paterson Museum and Museo de Arte Moderno.

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