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From The Shop: Borrowing from Nature

Jenah Barry, Retail Manager of The Shop at Wave Hill, brings to the position the sensibilities of artist and floral designer. Below is a third post chock-full of suggestions for June gift-giving.

What better way to celebrate the new lives that begin at this summer’s weddings than with gifts that borrow from Mother Nature. Here are a few of my favorite wedding-gift ideas from The Shop at Wave Hill:

• A pair of “Head” planters, providing some teachable moments

Shown grouped below:

• Hand-crafted ceramics by local potter Judy Jackson, enduringly classic, elegant additions to a family’s home

• “Branch” salad servers

• Fine, handmade linens

• A limited-edition, archival artist’s print by photographer Benjamin Swett, from his beautiful book New York City of Trees, including images of Wave Hill’s lacebark pine and iconic copper beeches.

• And, of course, a Wave Hill Family Membership and/or gift vouchers.

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