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From The Shop: Taste the Sweetness of Fall

Jenah Barry, Retail Manager of The Shop at Wave Hill, brings to the position the sensibilities of artist and floral designer. 

I am enjoying the beautiful weather that marks early fall—glorious, sunny days with a new coolness in the air. The leaves are changing to golden yellows and ambers and the light is shifting…Fall is for me a honey-colored season, and sweet in so many ways.  What more “natural” way to celebrate the new season than at Wave  Hill’s Honey Weekend, September 28 and 29?

Honey Tastings
Saturday and Sunday, from 11AM to 4PM, we’ll be hosting a tasting of superb honey varietals and honey products, with Catskill Provisions on Saturday and Seaway Trails on Sunday. 

Sample a few, then purchase your favorite to enjoy yourself or as a gift for friends. Seaway’s “Early Summer Reserve Honey” recently won the Black Jar Award (a blind-taste test) at the Eastern Apicultural Society honey show; that makes it the best-tasting honey in the Eastern U.S.! As for Catskill Provisions, just listen to what The Nibble, a magazine all about specialty foods, had to say: “Catskill Provisions has married the classic confection with a more complicated partner: honey. Founder Claire Marin thought that the raw honey produced on her Long Eddy, New York, property, with its natural maple notes, would pair well with chocolate…After working with several chocolatiers, she settled on 70% dark Belgian chocolate, which both coats the truffles and is incorporated into a ganache filling made with crystallized honey and New York State organic cream. The truffles also receive a final dusting of cocoa powder; the resulting treats simply buzz with honey flavor. But the sweetest part? The truffles have no added alcohol or preservatives.”

Reserve Your Own Jar of Wave Hill Honey!
Wave Hill’s own honey emphasizes the importance of pollinators in our gardens and ecosystem and is truly “liquid gold,” absolute, understated luxury at its very best.  To ensure that you are first in line to savor it once it’s bottled, be sure to add your name to the waitlist that our staff are maintaining in The Shop. A very special and limited release, 1 per customer while stock lasts. (This shot, kindness of photographer Joshua  Bright, is of our Horticultural Interpreter, Charles Day, working in Wave Hill’s hives.)

I am excited about the local honey that we will have in stock, too:
• Let it bee’s delicious ‘Westchester honey’
• Red Bee’s unusual artisanal varietals including ‘Alfalfa’ and ‘Star Thistle’
• Old Field Farm’s ‘Wild Bee Honey’
• Mike’s Hot Honey a tantalizing spiced honey that famous Brooklyn Pizzeria Paulie Gees exuberantly drizzles on their creations. It’s scrumptious paired with cheese and pears.

We’ll also have handcrafted honey spoons, books, stationary, jewelry and  body products inspired by the industriousness of our hives…and our ever popular fruit flavored honey sticks.

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  1. I would like to add that the Seaway Trail Honey seasonal varieties of honeys have won several Blue Ribbons this past year, as well as the honor of having been served at the Presidential Inaugural Luncheon in Washington DC. As always: Pure, Natural, Kosher, Artisan Honey.

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