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From The Shop: Savory Meets Sweet

Jenah Barry, Retail Manager of The Shop at Wave Hill, brings to the position the sensibilities of artist and floral designer. 

Earlier this month, Jenah was coming to the end of a series of posts with great gift ideas for holiday shoppers, when her stocking-stuffer list got a quick retweet from local—and wildly popular—Pretzel Crisps. Jenah tweeted back some suggestions for delectable pairings of these thin, crunchy pretzel crackers with artisanal condiments in The Shop, and before you know it the Crispy folks were delivering a generous bag of treats for Jenah to do a private tasting. “The perfect fusion of cracker and pretzel!” was her rave. “I loved the Sesame dipped into Mountain Fruit Company’s Raspberry Tart Jam. They were delicious with our fruit spreads…a yummy combination contrasting savory and sweet.”

Thank you, Pretzel Crisps— and, hey, there’s another fine idea for a (big) stocking stuffer!




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