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Affordable Art Fair Meets Wave Hill

Gabriel de Guzman is Curator of Visual Arts at Wave Hill.

Sara Jimenez, Peripheral Shadows, 2013, Rust and salt
on paper. 30 x 22 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

De Guzman is very excited to be organizing the Recent Graduates Exhibition for the Affordable Art Fairthis spring (April 2–6) as a guest curator. For this small exhibition at the entrance to the fair, he has selected four artists who have graduated from MFA or BFA programs in the last couple of years: Sara Jimenez, Julie Kumar, Jose Antonio Ojeda and Russell Perkins. Shown here is Sara Jimenez’s Peripheral Shadows, one of the works in the show.

In anticipation of the show, Affordable Art Fair profiled de Guzman recently for a blog post describing “Who’s Who” at the fair. As he comments there, “As a contemporary art curator, I have been committed to supporting the work of emerging artists. After graduate school it is difficult for artists to find opportunities without the support system that they had in school. The Affordable Art Fair’s Recent Graduates Exhibition gives these artists a chance to exhibit, connect with a wider audience, and introduce their work to the art market.”

Read the full blog post here.



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