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From the Shop: Arbor Day’s Deep Roots

Jenah Barry, Retail Manager of The Shop at Wave Hill, brings to the position the sensibilities of artist and floral designer. 

Looking ahead to Arbor Weekend, April 25 through 27, The Shop will have a range of lovely merchandise, including a limited edition of bowls hand-turned from the wood of the Chinese Scholar Tree (Styphnolobium) that we lost last year after Hurricane Sandy. They were created by James Tyrrell, a woodworker based in New Rochelle. Tyrrell has a deep respect for the life and unique character of wood, and only works with wood obtained from local trees felled by storms and destined for the wood pile, mulch or landfill.

The bowls were turned on a lathe to form a rough shape while still green, and then allowed to dry. Once dry, they were turned into their final shape, a food safe finish and coating of carnuba wax was then applied. Each bowl is numbered and marked “Wave Hill Sophora.” (Sophora is the old name of the Chinese Scholar Tree’s genus, now known as Styphnolobium.) Each is discretely signed by the artist with “-T-” — the cattle brand used by the Tyrrell family in the 1800’s.

When we sadly have to fell one of our magnificent specimens it is important to us that its beauty continues in other forms. Each bowl available at The Shop is carefully handcrafted by James Tyrrell. Tyrrell only works with wood that is felled by storms or otherwise destined for mulch. We love our trees at Wave Hill and we love these beautiful, one-of-a kind creations. Truly a gift for life!


One thought on “From the Shop: Arbor Day’s Deep Roots

  1. How much are the beautiful bowls and do you ship? I can pick them up at the shop but do you validate parking just to run in and buy a bowl?


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