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Annual Eco Fair for Earth Day 2014

Ivy Garcia joined the staff as Family Art Project Assistant Leader in late 2013. Ivy worked as Family Programs Coordinator/Museum Educator at El Museo de Barrio, where she planned and organized interactive programs for families and groups, and as Office Manager at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, where she also led museum and neighborhood walking tours.

Over the weekend of April 19 and 20, the Family Art Project held its second annual Eco Fair in celebration of Earth Day. In the Sarah and Geoffrey Gund Theater, families listened to Rama Mandel, creative assistant and storyteller, read Something from Nothing by Phoebe Gilman. The story is based on an old Jewish folktale that teaches children how to be resourceful―a highlight during Earth Day, when people are encouraged to think about sustainable lifestyles.

The art-making activities this year all relied on re-usable and recycled objects donated to the Family Art Project throughout the year. The Sally and Gilbert Learning Center held seven art-making stations: Earth Day pins, made from re-useable plastic lids, shown in the first image here; flower hanging-pendants made out of compact discs, yarn and buttons, shown in the second photo; binoculars crafted from empty toilet paper rolls and color tape; “Make Your Own Game Board,” made with plastic bottle-caps; musical shakers made of plastic soda bottles and bottle caps; egg-carton caterpillars constructed of cut pieces of Styrofoam egg cartons; and, finally, paper crowns made with recycled paper, shown in the last image here.

It was a special day to see families sharing and coming together to turn everyday household recyclable items into fun and fantastic nature inspired creations and wearable artworks to celebrate Earth Day.

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  1. I was a visitor to Wave Hill on Sat., May 3, when I attended a conference being held on the second floor of Wave Hill House. I want to tell you about my experience when I departed Wave Hill, and what a friendly and helpful staff you have!

    I had to leave the meeting unexpectedly early because of a family problem. Unfortunately, my cell phone carrier had terminated my service (in error) while I was at the meeting, so I had no way to get in touch with family members. A member of your staff immediately offered to let me use the receptionist’s phone so I could reassure my spouse that I was on my way. Then, I needed to get the shuttle van to the #1 train, but unfortunately the van had departed for its regular hourly run 10 minutes earlier. The lady in charge at your visitors’ gate graciously had the van driver take me to the train immediately.

    I am so grateful that members of your staff went out of their way to assist me with a difficult situation! Wave Hill’s staff is a model for gracious, proactive customer service, and I’m going share this with as many people I know as I can.

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