A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

Summertime in The Shop

Jenah Barry brings to her position as Retail Manager of The Shop at Wave Hill the sensibilities of artist and floral designer. 

Wave Hill is always graced with a deliciously cool breeze off the Hudson River just west of the gardens, so on a hot summer’s day I am especially thankful to be working in this beautiful oasis in New York City. Here are some of my favorite Shop items for keeping cool.

Hats! These include Wave Hill’s own baseball cap, and more elegant and fashionable designs for men, women and kids. Think packable and SPF UV protection! This charming line-up in the photo to the left takes advantage of the cottage garden that graces the Paisley Bed outside the Perkins Visitor Center this summer.

Frog pool-toss game is a wonderfully cooling toy for outdoor water play. A little less active but just as sweet are our watering can and bucket. Pair it with one for yourself from our selection of professional, practical and stylish watering cans for helping you keep your gardens hydrated in the heat.  Babiators sunglasses for kids are a super-cool choice that is safe—100% protection from harmful rays—durable and fun. And the manufacturer guarantees it will replace a lost or broken pair.

A sun print kit lets you utilize that bright sunshine to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind cyanotype art prints, inspired by early photographic nature prints.

A soft, light, handprinted cotton scarf or sarong by Anohki is a breezy accessory this season. All of us at The Shop own at least one!

Inspired by the exquisite Tillandsia Air plant display on the Kate French Terrace of Wave Hill House? Pick up a specimen from The Shop and enjoy misting and creating imaginative displays.

Sip a cold beverage from a charming, handcrafted, recycled mason jar mug, with a reusable glass straw, made especially for Wave Hill. This is a fine alternative to wasteful plastic straws and bottles.

Or savor a chilled glass of wine from a delightful, eclectic Fishs Eddy decanter and glass set  as you watch the sun set.

Lastly, a surefire way to beat the heat:  Find a Wave Hill chair in the shade of one of our beautiful trees and experience the breeze and beautiful river view…if you feel inspired, place an order for a set of Wave Hill’s chairs for your own garden or terrace.

Happy summer!


One thought on “Summertime in The Shop

  1. I purchased 2 ceramic vases from the shop a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately there was no info on my receipt and I can’t remember the artist’s name. The vases are both tall, straight-sided cylinders with rounded bottoms. They are both cobalt blue, but one has more teal overtones. They have ridges spaced near the tops that makes it look like sheets of extremely thin clay were wrapped around them. You can see pictures o of them at the web post above. There is a swirl in the raw clay on the bottom, along with the artist’s signature which looks something like “Julie Aliver”. Can you help me identify the craftsperson?

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