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“Tunnel Vision” at Affordable Art Fair

Gabriel de Guzman is Curator of Visual Arts at Wave Hill.

I am thrilled that the Affordable Art Fair has invited me back as a guest curator to organize their Recent Graduates Exhibition at the entrance to the fair. For the fall edition of the fair (Sept 25–29, 2014), the venue will be The Tunnel in West Chelsea at 269 11th Avenue and 28th Street. I have once again found an amazing group of artists who have graduated from MFA programs in the last couple of years: Wyna Liu, Irvin Morazan, Jasmine Murrell and Denise Treizman. Shown here is Treizman’s Pouring Glow, a sculptural installation in the show.

In anticipation of this exhibition, the Affordable Art Fair interviewed me recently for a blog post on their website. As I mention in my comments, The Tunnel space and its fascinating history was the inspiration for my show, which I’ve titled “Tunnel Vision.”  I very much enjoy organizing exhibitions in settings that are unconventional art spaces—such as Glyndor Gallery at Wave Hill—with unique characteristics and fascinating histories.

Read the full blog post here.

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