A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

Feeding Spring’s Senses

The Shop at Wave Hill prides itself on its lovely, attentive staff. Shop clerk Aldina Kennedy’s  creative sensibilities are at home here at Wave Hill. Enjoy her musings and favorite “staff picks” of the spring season.

Spring at Wave Hill feeds the senses. The mighty views of the Hudson burst with color and the mockingbird sings as the heat of the sun seeps into your skin. Continue your sensual adventure at The Shop. Smell, see, touch and even hear the beautiful things we’ve collected for your pleasure.

Be transformed by artist Chris Doyle‘s magnificent light and sound installation. Then stop by The Shop for illumination—both artistic and literal. Our products will light your way! Experience the fun of paper lanterns. Or gleefully explore by flashlight. Send family and friends vivid note cards illustrated with stills from Doyle’s Aquatic Garden animations. Commemorate Wave Hill’s 50th Anniversary with an elegant night light that brightly and beautifully displays the Marco Polo Stufano Conservatory. Or choose among Tabbatha Henry‘s beautifully elegant night-sky ceramics. Based in Vermont, her designs are inspired as much by nature as by the clean lines of Scandinavian design.

Come hold an heirloom tulip bowl lovingly handcrafted by Potterseed in South Africa. Behold its delicate botanical patterns. Feel the warmth of orange and yellow bursts of color amid gorgeous fields of green. These rare pieces make lovely wedding gifts.

Nothing says spring like a gorgeous new hat made of fine materials. The hats pictured here  are the creations of ProPueblo, a private non-profit working with the Ecuadorian coastal communities on the western slopes of the Chongon Colonche mountain range, and New York City-based Hat Attack. (Expect to see Swan & Stone Millinery‘s distinctive handcrafted millinery on Mother’s Day weekend!) Decorate it with flowers or ribbons, or keep it simple and sleek. Banish the winter blues: try on a hand-crafted, avocado-green Panama hat with a whimsical coral band and brighten your worldview. Let the sun beat down from above! You’ll be stylishly safe nestled in your new hat.

Our fragrant soaps, body lotions and candles by Michel Design Works will sooth and revitalize you. Citrus aromas, such as lemon basil, are fresh, zesty and invigorating. Try our new “hummingbird” scent, an exhilarating blend of fresh grapefruit, soothing lavender, green tea and other healthy herbs and goodies. Michel Design Works products—perfect gifts!—come in lovely, crisp, elegantly illustrated packages.

Ring in the new season with whimsical wind chimes, designed by Grammy award-winning musician Gary Kvistad, founder of Woodstock Chimes, based in the Hudson Valley. Transform spring breezes into music. Made of superior-quality aluminum tubes and genuine hardwood, these musical gifts  bring harmony to your garden or apartment. Our chakra chimes are set with colorful stones that correspond to the seven energy centers of the body. Each chakra has a unique healing potential, and the chimes interplay with that vitality.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Shop this spring!

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