A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

From the Shop―Jenah’s Notes: Bulbs and Baskets

Jenah Barry, Retail Manager of The Shop at Wave Hill, brings to the position the sensibilities of artist and floral designer. 

As an artist and florist, I love nature’s cycles and the pleasures of every season…but spring is my favorite season of all. The fresh, verdant start of spring has a delicate joy to it. Mysterious ranunculae dance with fragrant sweetpeas, hellebores, lilac and narcissi. Sweet little snowdrops, muscari, lily of the valley and daffodils emerge from the fresh earth and graceful tulips arch their elegant necks towards the warmth of the sun. As blooms open and leaves unfurl, bare grey shifts to bright color and the landscape softens. Damp earth always holds a sensual, evocative, personal appeal…It brings to mind the inherently dry landscape of my childhood in Africa, bursting to life after rain. Water brings life―and I delight in the growth, vitality and optimism that blooms here at Wave Hill each spring.


Wave Hill’s grand, sublime view of the Palisades and Hudson River takes my breath away. But what I appreciate most about this landscape is less its grandeur and more its intimacy of scale. Exploring the careful, creative, delicate detail of the gardens…especially in the rambling hillside Wild Garden at this time of year. Like my young daughter, I believe that fairies live among the glory-of-the-snow, now blanketing the gardens in a mesmerizing, electric carpet of blue. It makes me so happy to sell bundles of Wave Hill’s own glory-of-the-snow bulbs in The Shop! chionodoxa-bunchesEach Friday while the season lasts, our gardeners dig up bundles of glory-of-the-snow and we carefully wrap them in newsprint―for you to plant in your own garden or pot as you please. There can be no more special gift from our garden to yours!

Drop by for an informal drop-in demonstration―Spring Basket Demonstrations in The Shop’s courtyard on Saturday mornings, March 26 and April 16–when I will be having fun combining a selection of spring plants in rustic baskets, topping them off with fresh moss and accenting them with sweet details to create unique seasonal centerpieces. Spring-basket-demoPlants and baskets will be available for purchase, if you feel inspired to create your own spring landscape at home!

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