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Pallets Take 3: Preparing for Planting

Wave Hill gardener Jen Cimino earned her BS in Wildlife Management and Natural Resources from the University of New Hampshire, where she got her first taste of horticulture.  In the last five years, her responsibilities have included the Tropical House in the Marco Polo Stufano Conservatory, the Pergola, the Kate French Terrace, The Rossbach Monocot Border and the Aquatic Garden. In early June, she will offer a workshop on preparing and planting up a wood pallet.

This week, we took my pallets out of storage. They fared pretty well over the winter, and some plants from last year’s planting actually survived and wintered over like the wire vine (Muehlenbeckia axillaris). We placed the pallets at the bottom of the Pergola steps. I used a wire brush to briefly clean off the pallets, and the plants that didn’t make it over the winter I removed.


Then I touched up the pallets with the same stain that I used last year. palette-stainingThis spring has been particularly cold and recently very wet, so I’m hoping that I will finally be able to begin planting within the next couple weeks.

The pallets in the first two shots are much larger than the mini-pallets we’ll be using in the workshop on June 4. This last shot shows Charlie Day, our Horticultural Interpreter, and I looking at the mini-pallets we’ve gotten in. They are handsome and a very practical size for home-dwellers!


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