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From The Shop: Graduation Gifts!

Assistant Manager Nubia Martin is an avid lover of nature and holistic healing who brings a sense of peace and balance to The Shop’s aesthetic.

This month and next, so many of us are celebrating and honoring the graduates in our lives, young people—and older!—who are getting ready to embark on new and fascinating journeys. Help them get in gear for the adventure. May we suggest several gifts for this important moment in their lives? The Shop has several fine choices, all on display in this shot:


Marina Paper handcrafts journals using raw silk, vegetable leather and daphne flower paper produced by Nepalese artisans.

Lotta Helleberg‘s eco-printed, one-of-a-kind notebooks use natural materials, including sage leaf.

How about a sleek Matt & Nat vegan leather backpack, for keeping that beautiful journal at his or her side?

If journaling—and adventures—are not what’s on your graduate’s mind, the gift of semi-precious stone jewelry, crafted by Jim Aufdehaar,  makes for a fine way to commemorate this moment in your graduate’s life.

And don’t leave The Shop without choosing an inspiring graduation card. Even better, enclose a Wave Hill Shop Gift Certificate!

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