A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

An Elevated View of Wave Hill

Just ahead of a summer rain, writer/photographer Jim Wright and LightHawk pilot Steve Kent flew up the Hudson River to get some aerial views of Wave Hill.

LightHawk is an international group of volunteer pilots who donate their time to foster conservation efforts. Jim, a trustee with The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey, tells us Wave Hill is just as beautiful from above―even on an overcast morning.

Wave Hill House, front and center…2

Glyndor Gallery, seen from due west…7

A closer look at Glyndor…

13The property as a whole, looking east…11

A view looking east with the Perkins Visitor Center and Conservatory front and center…

Pulling back, a view of the whole property looking north…

Finally, pulling back even farther, a shot of the neighborhood, with the Riverdale Country School in the foreground….24

Our great thanks to both Jim and Steve for these stunning views of the landscape.

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