A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

In and Out of the Woods

Louis Bauer is Wave Hill’s Director of Horticulture.

Part of what makes the gardens a fertile environment for horticultural innovation is the exchange of ideas and experience cultivated by Wave Hill and many other gardens. Harnek Singh heads to England in August on a Chanticleer Scholarship in Professional Development, the first to be awarded to a Wave Hill gardener. Assistant Gardener Coralie Thomas will be embarking on a North American Christopher Lloyd Scholarship this fall―but more on that later this summer. And each year, of course, we welcome a  new crop of Nally Interns, join a distinguished tradition of apprenticeship that goes back a quarter-century

This week, we are welcoming Anna Fialkoff, horticulturist at Garden in the Woods, home of the New England Wild Flower Society. Shane and Anna in Potting ShedA renowned native plant botanic garden in Framingham, Massachusetts, Garden in the Woods protects rare native plants through habitat conservation, research, and seed banking. Anna will spend a good deal of the week working alongside Gardener Shane Pritchett. This first shot is of the two of them preparing to leave the Potting Shed early this morning, The second shot shows them at work, weeding and conversing, in the Elliptical Garden.

SHane and ANna at Elliptical GardenShane, in turn, will spend the first week of August at Garden in the Woods. I am happy to welcome Anna to Wave Hill, and very pleased about the learning opportunity this creates for Shane and for Wave Hill.

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