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From The Shop: Back to School!

Assistant Manager Nubia Martin is an avid lover of nature and holistic healing who brings a sense of peace and balance to The Shop’s aesthetic.

Whether you are preparing to send your little one to school for the first time, or get your teen ready for high school― or continuing your own education―we have unique and sustainable supplies for your academic needs, in The Shop at Wave Hill. My children and I happen to fall into all of the above categories this summer, so this is a topic very much on my mind! Here are my top, well-considered, must-have picks.

For the Kids
Eeboo craft scissors and color pencil sets (for small and large hands) and Bee’s Wrap’s sustainable sandwich wraps. children's-itemsEeboo creates refreshing children’s craft items that promote literacy and imaginative play using contemporary designs. Bees Wrap is another favorite: Based in Vermont, the company uses beeswax, cloth, tree resin and jojoba oil to make reusable sandwich wraps for everyday use.

For Your Teenagerdecomposition-notebooks-and-pencils
Decomposition Notebooks by Michael Roger and Writing Pencil Sets by Rifle Paper Co are at the top of my list. Inside each notebook is post-consumer waste paper, saving trees and reducing solid waste, water, and cutting down on air emissions and the consumption of natural gas. Rifle Paper is a stationer dedicated to helping capture—and preserve–life’s personal stories through the gift of handwritten cards, notes and expressions.

For Adult Learners
Cork Laptop or Tablet Carrier case, by Michael Roger and an eco-friendly watch by Sprout, so you can arrive to class on time and in style! cork-items-and=watchA small, family-run company, Michael Roger uses recycled materials, such as cork that has been sustainable harvested from living trees, to create these handsome, durable cases. Sprout’s wristwatches use biodegradable corn resin, organic cotton, natural bamboo, cork, mercury-free batteries and lead-free crystals!

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