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Pennoyer Newman Pots Take Center Stage

Louis Bauer is Wave Hill’s Director of Horticulture.

A recent donation to the Gardeners’ Party auction in September is a trio of pots from Pennoyer Newman, a 25-year-old firm that casts distinctive pots and planters from estate originals. Long a generous friend of our annual Gardeners’ Party, this year Pennoyer Newman has given us a new design, the Handkerchief Planter Series. This trio makes a graceful yet bold statement that would enhance any spacious setting, indoors or out.

Cast in durable fiberglass, these pots are winter-proof and drilled to drain. For our Gardeners’ Party auction, each comes handsomely planted up with tender succulents.

The largest of the pots, which is 16 inches high and 44 inches wide, is stunningly planted up with Furcraea foetida ‘Mediopicta’, surrounded by Melinus nerviglumis ‘Savannah’ (ruby grass). Zone 9.


The other two, smaller pots are close in size. The first shown below, which measures 11 inches by 28 inches, is planted up with Echeveria pulvinata ‘Frosty’, Echeveria shaviana, Graptoveria ‘Alpenglow’, Kalanchoe tetraphylla and Graptopetalum paraguayense.


The last pot, which measures 10 inches by 25 inches, holds Euphorbia lactea, Kalanchoe beharensis and Kalanchoe tomentosa.smallest-pot

This next shot conveys a little of the interest of the material itself, which has a rough texture that contrasts well with the plantings.close-up

Over the next month or so, find them—and admire them—perched along the wall leading up to the Wild Garden, above the Shop Courtyard.the-setting

One thought on “Pennoyer Newman Pots Take Center Stage

  1. The species epithet of Furcreaea foetida would seem to indicate that it has an obnoxious smell. Presumably that would be the flowers. How long will I have to await to find out?

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