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A Fine Set of Pruning Accoutrements Prepped for Auction

Louis Bauer is Wave Hill’s Director of Horticulture.

This preview of auction items for Wave Hill’s Gardeners’ Party next month hasn’t got the scale of the first two posts, but what exquisite workmanship and eminent practicality bundled into one set!


This particular collection is inspired by one of the couples we are saluting at our Gardeners’ Party this year―Berta and Nate Atwater. In Berta and Nate’s magical seaside garden in Little Compton, Rhode Island, there is no woody plant that has not been artfully clipped. Thus the inspiration for this set.

Don’t make any serious moves without this volume, The Art of Creative Pruning by Jake Hobson. bookJake studied sculpture from the Slade School of Fine Art in London, following which he spent a year working for a Japanese nursery outside Osaka. That has led to a career practicing and teaching both eastern and western styles of pruning. This volume “places the pruning shears in the hands of the reader, with instructions that are straightforward yet playful,” as the publisher, Timber Press puts it, and photographs of gardens around the world.

I expect you are drawn to this collection because you are already invested in pruning, whether as novice or expert. Frankly, whether you are contemplating your first pruning tool or your hundredth, I cannot recommend too highly the tools produced by Jake’s own company, Niwaki. We have included four terrific options in this collection:

First up, the Onoyoshi B-type secateur in forged steel, and the Wakasaya topiary clippers, good for occasional pruning but not the heavy-duty projects.secateurs-and-pruner

Then the Okatsune Pro Snips, great for flowers, fruit and vegetables. And the Niwaki Hori Hori, a Japanese trowel, all-round weeder and general subterranean rummager, as Niwaki puts it. It comes with its own holster.last-two-tools

But you might prefer to keep your tools in one of the Niwaki holsters included in this collection—a clipper holster or a double holster. holstersEach is made from solid, 1/8”-thick, hand-cut, natural vegetable tanned leather back-board and slightly less thick front pocket—or two—with a belt loop, all hand-stitched with Niwaki’s red thread and copper saddle rivets. The leather matures to a dark rich patina.

To keep these fine tools in good order, we include a bottle of oil from the seeds of Camellia japonica, the traditional Japanese choice for protecting tools from rust. oil-and-dispenserNiwaki recommends you use it when cleaning and as a regular protective coating. And to make the task an easy one, the oil comes with its own dispenser.

But we won’t pretend that pruning can work up a fine sweat. So we have also included a Niwaki dragonfly hanky. 100% cotton, it measures 17 inches square.Hanky


See you at the Gardeners’ Party!

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