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Picnic Area Renovations Underway

Director Facilities and Capital Projects Frank Perrone reports on repairs to the picnic area adjacent to Glyndor Gallery.

Over the next two months, our Facilities team will be working hand-in-hand with Arbitrio & Sons to make major repairs to the picnic area adjacent to Glyndor Gallery. This is a project that has been a long time coming. We’ve been watching the years of cumulative damage caused by winter ice settling on the patio stones and, without proper drainage, leaking through to the retaining walls, eventually damaging them considerably. Arbitrio, based in New Rochelle, has worked on projects for us for more than 20 years.

We think that the patio area was once covered by Glyndor House—the original house, built long before the turn of the last century. That building, called Nonesuch by Oliver Harriman (of Harriman State Park fame), who built it in the 1860s, is shown in this first shot. Glyndor-1Nonesuch was enlarged by George Perkins and his wife after 1895, when they purchased it, enlarged it and renamed it Glyndor. That home was struck by lightning in 1926, then demolished and rebuilt as we see it today.Wave-Hill-Grounds-credit-Wave-Hill

Our Hort team has already removed all of the plants growing in the ground along the edge of the patio, or in pots, and the contractor is deep into his work. I expect we will be removing close to 90% of the paving stones covering the picnic area, keeping those we can and replacing others. These next two shots give a sense of the work that is underway in the actual picnic space. dismantling-above-2dismantling-aboveWe’ll be installing a new drainage system of course, and repairing the retainer walls.

As this schematic show, the new layout will provide several more square feet of picnic area in the northwest corner, and the stairway is being reconfigured. As you come down, the option to go left to the bathrooms, or right to walk along the Lower Lawn Road, will be more obvious.schematic-from-Nick

This next shot shows the stairway already well into being constructed. Stairs-picIn the meantime? We’ve relocated the picnic tables to the deck area just beyond the Lower Lawn—over the south end of the Ecology building, and on the Lower Lawn itself. In that corner, you will find round, metal picnic tables as well. Both afford very good views of the Hudson River and Palisades, so I think you will enjoy this alternative location during the construction period. picnic-areaThe bathrooms at the bottom of the stairs outside Glyndor will be closed during construction, but the handicapped-accessible bathroom on the ground floor of Glyndor, near the front door of the building, will be open every day that Wave Hill is open.

Come winter, we will work on bringing to the picnic area a more environmentally friendly recycling solution.

In the meantime, if you would like to help support this project and other important improvements to our gardens, a donation is a meaningful way to contribute to our efforts to keep Wave Hill welcoming and serene.

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