A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

Chelsea Physic Garden at Wave Hill

Louis Bauer is Wave Hill’s Director of Horticulture.

As our network of learning opportunities expands, I am delighted that today Nell Jones, Deputy Head Gardener and Propagation Manager at Chelsea Physic Garden is spending the day with us today.

Harnek and Nell

Nell’s visit is part of a month-long sabbatical in the U.S., visiting gardens and parks across the country. She spent most of the day with Wave Hill Gardener Harnek Singh, in the Flower Garden, as captured in this shot, and elsewhere. The two connected last month when Harnek was at Great Dixter on a Chanticleer Scholarship in Professional Development.

Chelsea Physic Garden (c) Magan Taylor

Courtesy of Chelsea Physic Garden,. Photo credit Megan Taylor

Located near the Thames, Chelsea Physic Garden has been cultivating plants and ideas since 1673. Its living collection of 5,000 or so “edible, useful, medicinal and historical plants” is the oldest botanic garden in London.

Courtesy of Chelsea Physic Garden. Photo credit Charlie Hopkinson

Courtesy of Chelsea Physic Garden. Photo credit Charlie Hopkinson

Referring to itself as a “secret garden” and a “hidden gem” that is a “peaceful green oasis,” it would seem that Wave Hill and Chelsea Physic hatched from the same divine inspiration.


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