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Welcome back to the Picnic Area!

Director Facilities and Capital Projects Frank Perrone reports on repairs to the picnic area adjacent to Glyndor Gallery.

Major repairs to the picnic area adjacent to Glyndor Gallery, undertaken nearly two months ago by our Facilities team, working hand-in-hand with Arbitrio & Sons, are almost complete. Visitors have been welcomed back to the area, where they have found both picnic tables and round café tables—the renovation added several, very welcome square feet to the space.


The retaining walls have been repaired and, in places, rebuilt, as this first shot illustrates.Rebuilding-the-retaining-wallsA new drainage system is in place, and the staircase to the Lower Lawn Road has been completely reconfigured and rebuilt. In this next shot, you can see the old staircase alongside the new one.Rebuilding-the-stairway-1

Rebuilding-the-stairway-2parking-lotThe latest, and almost last, step is the repaving of the southern end of the parking lot this week, as shown here.Tarring-the-lot-10.20.16-2

The last step is reinstalling the water fountain, now on the northern side of the space. Finally, this winter we will work on bringing to the picnic area a more environmentally friendly recycling solution.

The project is coming to a close just as the most glorious fays of fall lie ahead, making the picnic area an especially appealing amenity for visitors.

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