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Plant of the Week: Adonis amurensis (Adonis/Pheasant’s-eye)

Charles Day is Wave Hill’s Ruth Rea Howell Horticultural Interpreter. 

One of the very first perennials to bloom at the start of the growing season is the cheerful, yellow-flowered Adonis amurensis. It usually flowers right after the winter snows have gone—in fact, it will even pop up through a late-February snow—and always brings a smile to the face of anyone who sees it.


Commonly known as pheasant’s-eye or adonis, it is a member of the anemone family (Ranunculaceae) which, according to Greek mythology, was created by Aphrodite when she sprinkled nectar on some blood of the recently-gored Adonis.


There are several species of adonis and this one is native to Far East Asia. The specific epithet amurensis commemorates the Amur, a major river in that region. Here at Wave Hill, look for it along the Shade Border, where these bright little beauties were found, and in the Wild Garden.


One thought on “Plant of the Week: Adonis amurensis (Adonis/Pheasant’s-eye)

  1. This is a native plant to parts of Asia. It is also known as Fukujuso in Japan and is considered a symbol of wealth. It is used much of the time during the beginning of the year and flowers of this plant are found frequently in many Japanese homes because of the color of the flowers which is likened to gold. They are beautiful to look at really – such a cheer!

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