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Plant of the Week: Eremurus himalaicus (Foxtail Lily)

Charles Day is Wave Hill’s Ruth Rea Howell Horticultural Interpreter. 

The Wild Garden this week is graced by the stately blooms of the foxtail lily. Its tall flower spikes arise out the strap-like green foliage and seem to appear in a matter of a few days.


There are many species of Eremurus; most produce flowers in shades of orange, pink or yellow. Those of Eremurus himalaicus, the Himalayan foxtail lily, are a pure, elegant white.


The plant’s tiny, individual flowers are arranged evenly around the central stalk, and they open in succession from bottom to top, almost like a neon light show—in slow motion.


2 thoughts on “Plant of the Week: Eremurus himalaicus (Foxtail Lily)

    • Charlie responds: Many bulb producers claim that foxtail lilies are not browsed by deer but I’ve not tried them myself in a deer-exposed position.

      All the best.

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