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Plant of the Week: Ajania pacifica (Gold and Silver Chrysanthemum)

Charles Day is Wave Hill’s Ruth Rea Howell Senior Horticultural Interpreter.

The gold and silver chrysanthemum (Ajania pacifica) is the last plant of the fall to bloom in our Flower Garden. Despite the lateness of the season, and recent frosts, it still has fresh-looking foliage and cheerful, yellow flowers.close-up

Native to Japan, and related to the other chrysanthemums, its flowers lack the familiar “petals” (technically, ray-florets) and thus look like small buttons.

Its white-backed, neatly-edged green leaves lend a handsome appearance throughout the summer and would justify growing this plant as a ground-cover, even without the prospect of its flowering. However, when it does, the contrast of the gold against the striking silvery leaves perfectly justifies this plant’s common name.

This first shot is looking west. In the foreground is the entrance to the Flower Garden, in the distance the balustrade bordering the Great Lawn.the-plant

The last shot is looking into the Flower Garden, with the river behind us.the-plant

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