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Plant of the Week: Antirrhinum hispanicum ‘Gummy’ (Spanish Snapdragon cultivar)

Charles Day is Wave Hill’s Ruth Rea Howell Senior Horticultural Interpreter.

Most snapdragons have dark-green, glossy foliage and spikes of flowers ranging in color from white and yellow, through pink and orange, to a dark red. The Spanish snapdragon (Antirrhinum hispanicum—formerly know as A. glutinosum) has grayish-green leaves and pale-pink flowers.the-plant

Native to southern Spain, this species is tolerant of heat and drought and will survive surprisingly cold winters, providing the soil is well drained. This low-growing selection, called ‘Gummy’, has a compact habit and white flowers with only the slightest trace of pink.close-up-2

close-up-1Several plants can be seen inside our Palm House, where they neatly cover their pots with handsome, slightly fuzzy, gray foliage.the-setting

They look very unlike the typical snapdragons often spotted out in the garden in summer. It’s only when the flowers are inspected close up that they reveal the familiar boca de dragón (dragon’s mouth) appearance.

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