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Plant of the Week: Crocus tommasinianus

Horticultural Interpreter Alison Filosa works with Charles Day and the rest of Wave Hill’s Public Programs Department.

Crocus tommasinianus is otherwise known as snow crocus as it is one of the first crocuses to bloom.the-close-up

Originally found on the hillsides of Hungary, this small, dainty, purple crocus sticks its head up before the last snowstorm in March. It usually blooms in late winter to early spring and grows to 4 inches tall.the-plant

This early spring, two nor’easters have occurred as the crocus have emerged from the ground here at Wave Hill. Together with Eranthis hyemalis (winter aconite) and the Adonis amurensis (Adonis/pheasant’s-eye), it’s the first—and very welcome—sign of spring. Look for it along the path to the Wild Garden and in the Wild Garden itself.the-setting

The specific epithet name of Crocus tommasinianus honors Muzo Guiseppe Spirito de Tommasini (1794–1879), a botanist from Trieste.

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