A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

Birds and Binos

Chickadee by Phil Comeau

An expert birder and naturalist, Gabriel Willow leads walks and excursions all over the world, yet he has an easygoing and accessible way of encouraging new birders without overwhelming them with information. His walks are a regular feature of each…

Birds and Bugs!


Science and learning specialist Gabriel Willow is an urban ecologist and tour guide for NYC Audubon, and leads regular Sunday morning bird walks at Wave Hill. He shares here the walk he led on July 14, 2013. Today’s walk was…

Make Way for Forest Project XXXIII!

crew leaders June 2013 resized

Mary Rose Robbins, Wave Hill’s High School Programs Coordinator—a new, 14-month position—is herself a former Forest Project crew leader. She reports here on preparations for the inauguration of the 33rd season of Forest Project Summer Collaborative.  The Forest Project interns…

Forest Project Reunites!


Barry Kogan manages Wave Hill’s Forest Project Summer Collaborative (FPSC), a six-week, paid summer internship for teens that has been working to improve the ecology of the Bronx since 1980.  On Friday, December 28, we held a reunion for alumni of…

Top Ten Reasons Schools Visit Wave Hill


Senior School Programs Educator Corinne Flax waxes eloquent as the old year leaves. Each year, Wave Hill welcomes thousands of schoolchildren onto our grounds. Having seen so many of these groups come and go, I am ringing out the old…

Before and After Hurricane Sandy, Part 1 (Nov 5)


Laurel Rimmer, Assistant Director of Wave Hill’s Public Programs, checks on the state of the gardens post-Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy descended upon Wave Hill and swept the autumn away, along with our electricity and a few damaged trees. Miraculously we…

Packing Up and Looking Back


Forest Project Crew Leaders Sara and Ashleigh, in charge of the two northernmost work sites in the Herbert & Hyonja Abrons Woodland, sum up the last few weeks of this year’s Project, and reflect on the summer as a whole….

Dirt(y) Forest Project Details Disclosed


Forest Project Summer Collaborative interns Emily and Jared, part of the crew working in the northern edge of the Herbert & Hyonja Abrons Woodland, just below Wave Hill House, report on week four of the internship. So we know you’ve…

“Los Tremendos” Action Figures


Forest Project Summer Collaborative interns Lidia and Jean, part of the crew working in the northwestern edge of the Herbert & Hyonja Abrons Woodland at Wave Hill, report on week three of the internship. Buenos Dias! Lidia and Jean here,…

A Day in the Life of Forest Project XXXII’s Terminating Platanos


Forest Project Summer Collaborative interns Dyaami and General, part of the crew working in the southern tip of the Herbert & Hyonja Abrons Woodland at Wave Hill, report on week two of the internship. Greetings from Wave Hill!!  Welcome to…