A garden oasis and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River

Wave Hill Takes Mapping into the 21st Century

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A GIS educator and adjunct lecturer, Amelia Zaino worked as a Garden and Gallery Intern at Wave Hill as a teenager. As an adult, she has been the Kerlin Education Intern and Youth Programs Coordinator. She loves the Bronx’s natural…

Putting NYC (Invasives) On the Map

Baruch Tauber joined Wave Hill’s Education team in late May as Forest Project Senior Crewleader, and is running the PRISM invasives monitoring initiative. Tauber holds a degree in landscape architecture. This post from the field comes as New York State’s…

2018 Teen Internships Get underway


Barry Kogan, Wave Hill’s Senior Manager of Youth Programs, manages Wave Hill’s Forest Project, a six-week, paid summer internship for teens that works to improve the ecology of the Bronx, and the Woodland Ecology Restoration Mentorship (WERM), a 14-month program for…

Farewell to our Third WERM Cohort!


Kristen MacFarlane, Wave Hill’s Youth Programs Coordinator, works with high school students in the Forest Project and Woodland Ecology Research Mentorship (WERM), Wave Hill’s two paid internship programs for high school students.  On August 23, 2016, ten high school students…

Forest Project XXXVI: Come and Gone!


Victoria Thomas was one of the four Forest Project Crew Leaders this past summer. She is a recent graduate of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She led her crew’s restoration efforts on the northernmost site of Wave Hill’s Herbert &…

Forest Project XXXVI : Behind the Scenes


Forest Project Senior Crew Leader Bella Rabinovich is settling in for her fifth summer at Wave Hill. The Forest Project is a paid summer internship program for high school students.  Bella Rabinovich here, excited to tell you what we’ve been working hard…

Potluck Season!


Charlotte Henderson, Wave Hill’s High School Programs Coordinator, helps administer the Forest Project and Woodland Ecology Research Mentorship (WERM) that Wave Hill offers for teens. Nothing brings together friends like food and shared experiences. Last month, WERM students and their families…

Make Way for Forest Project XXXIII!

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Mary Rose Robbins, Wave Hill’s High School Programs Coordinator—a new, 14-month position—is herself a former Forest Project crew leader. She reports here on preparations for the inauguration of the 33rd season of Forest Project Summer Collaborative.  The Forest Project interns…

Forest Project Reunites!


Barry Kogan manages Wave Hill’s Forest Project Summer Collaborative (FPSC), a six-week, paid summer internship for teens that has been working to improve the ecology of the Bronx since 1980.  On Friday, December 28, we held a reunion for alumni of…

Packing Up and Looking Back


Forest Project Crew Leaders Sara and Ashleigh, in charge of the two northernmost work sites in the Herbert & Hyonja Abrons Woodland, sum up the last few weeks of this year’s Project, and reflect on the summer as a whole….